Down’s Syndrome Norfolk

Experience shows that other parents are often the best source of information and support.  

We can all benefit by pooling knowledge and working together.  

Who are we and what do we do? 

Down’s Syndrome Norfolk serves its members throughout the county by:

  • Providing information, advice and support. –   ‘We Love Our Lives !’  is a series of 12 short films featuring some of our members celebrating their lives, click on the menu link above to view.

  • Working with and alongside the statutory agencies (Health, Education and Social Services) and other voluntary organisations.

  • Supporting new parents.

  • Organising activities such as The Young Down’s Group

  • Organising social and fundraising events.

  • Promoting the education of children with Down’s Syndrome in mainstream schools to fulfill their potential.

  • Encouraging the provision of more training and support for staff in schools.

DSN supports the Down’s Syndrome Association (DSA) in their ambition to enable people with Down’s Syndrome to lead a life of their OWN CHOOSING

What is Down’s syndrome ?

There are approximately two babies born with Down’s Syndrome in the UK every day.

There are around 60,000 people with Down’s Syndrome living in the UK today.

Down’s Syndrome is the most common form of ‘learning difficulty’.

Down’s Syndrome occurs at around the time of conception giving rise to an extra copy of chromosome 21 in each of the baby’s cells. It is a ‘genetic’ condition. We do no know why it happens. It can happen to anyone.

People with the syndrome will experience varying degrees of learning difficulty but most will, with appropriate support, achieve and live healthy, rich and varied lives.

Down’s Syndrome was first described by Dr John Langdon Down in 1866 – hence the name, but its genetic nature was not discovered until 1959.

Down’s Syndrome is not an illness; people do no ‘suffer’ from it.

People with Down’s Syndrome are all individuals. Each has his or her own personality and family traits. Down’s Syndrome is only a small part of who they are.

‘We Love Our Lives !’ is a series of 12 short films featuring some of our members celebrating their lives, click on the menu link above to view.

Useful Literature About Down’s Syndrome:

Down’s Syndrome – The Facts…………………………… Mark Selikowitz

Down’s Syndrome – An Introduction For Parents…………………(new edition 2004/5)

New and Expectant Parents

You are over the moon. Then you are told that your baby has Down’s Syndrome. Your world is turned upside down.

You have so many questions and anxieties. Who can you turn to for sensitive, practical and informed advice?

Part of the work of Down’s Syndrome Norfolk (DSN) is to provide support and information to new and expectant parents of a baby with Down’s Syndrome.

We have parent members who can visit you at home, in hospital or have a friendly chat on the telephone.

If you are a new or expectant parent of a baby with Down’s Syndrome and would like to have a chat with one of our trained parent members email us at:

or phone Chrystal, on:


Other useful addresses and websites:

Down’s Syndrome Association (DSA)
Langdon Down Centre
2a Langdon Park
Middlesex, TW11 9PS

0845 230 0372

Down’s Heart Group (DHG)
Unit 28620,
PO Box 6945,
London W1A 6US

DSN Young Downs Group

Young Downs Group is currently planning for a relaunch, details to follow soon. We can still be contacted for advice and support.



For information about The Young Down’s Group contact:

Chrystal, on:  07968655703

or email:


DSN Contacts

Down’s Syndrome Norfolk (DSN) Registered Charity number 1098031


342 Dereham road,

For further information about DSN contact:

For further information about YDG (or if you are a new parent) contact:

Chrystal, on:   07968655703

All emails are treated with confidentiality, details will not be divulged to any third parties.